Star River chain

Title:Star River chain

Author:Seven strokes in autumn

Description:As the endless river of stars stretches, an aurora breaks through the sky, and the ripples behind it are like a long dragon. Then another shadow appeared and Ouyang star died! He was no longer a part of the body. It was obvious that the battle was very hard and he was seriously injured. But he didn’t care and turned over to chase the aurora. How dare you touch meProtoss people! too big for her skin! Great regret of the sound of law through space, forced to Ouyang star perish. But he didn’t hear of it, and focused on chasing the aurora, as if there were more important things on it. However, when the current side appeared dazzling light, his calm face finally appeared anxious. No! With a loud noise, he was covered upThat weak cry. It’s a foregone conclusion.

Author: miven

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