Star queen

Title:Star queen

Author:Glutinous rice ball

Description:On the way to the star queen: kengdai’s journey to the future star age, where there are more men and less women, is like a dog everywhere. His father doesn’t hurt, his mother doesn’t have a trace, and the white lotus is still waiting for him to kill. White eggs in the navel, loyal dogs lying at the feet, the beautiful interstellar life slowly unfolds (FOG), but it will not work at this timeWhat’s your talent to make!!! Egg? Natural waste wood constitution? Mixed blood? A man dressed as a woman? give up all confidence in oneself? Heterogeneous? A large number of people, who don’t know what to call, have been asking for training one after another! Ha ha, want to group brush her ancestor, Lin Li cool smile. Get through! Get through! Fight! Boom! In a word: the star of a generation of queensThe history of hard struggle (there is a million word serial work “Xiuxian road is far away”, million in hand, I have o (n)_ n) O) Hui Chang thanks the author of “Introduction to wine merchants”

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