Star fight

Title:Star fight

Author:Jasmine at dawn

Description:Bai Qingyu has gone from the end of the world to the future. Now this place is really good. He has decided to change his image of a man and become a lady. I just went further and further on the road of violent mania. As a background board that never showed her face in the original text, she brushs the sense of existence wildly and destroys the plot all the way, so that the female owner and the girl who wears the book can match each otherIt’s a shame. Although he was the most useless guard among the powers, he broke through the limit and made a counter attack all the way, slapping his face, which made countless illusionists bow down. Bai Qingyu: This magician is good, and that one is also good, but I’m not a real psionic. I can’t bind it! Someone: don’t make noise. Go home. (a million words have been completed in the work of “Xiu”It’s hard to be the daughter of the immortal. “(pit product guarantee, please don’t worry about jumping pit!) In a word, interstellar counter attack, all the way to face! If you think “the journey of interstellar face slapping” is not bad

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