Star apprentice

Title:Star apprentice

Author:Panda badminton

Description:The interstellar war lasted for nearly a hundred years. In order to resist foreign enemies, the core planet has genetically modified the people of the whole planet. Everyone has become a “Star Fighter” with full combat power. The “star apprentices” who have no physiological qualification for genetic modification are locked up in the “free” but impossible to escape from the interstellar prison – dust planet. Luo Chuan and his wifeThe elder sister is among them. In order to let her younger brother Luochuan escape from prison, the elder sister made a interstellar leap with blood sacrifice. Luochuan successfully jumped to the most prosperous core star in the interstellar world, while the elder sister stayed in dusty star forever. Luochuan’s life on the core planet is not satisfactory. Almost all the people on this planet are “star watchers””And without any genetic modification, Luochuan became a waste man. If you think “star apprentice” is not bad, please don’t forget to send you QQ

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