Spiritual Taoist

Title:Spiritual Taoist

Author:Tao Jin

Description:The original name of “collection of supernatural beings” was changed to “Taoist of spiritual fantasy” because of the signing of the contract. In fact, my favorite movie is uncle Zhengying’s film of the same name “Mr. spiritual fantasy”. But I was robbed of the debt of my previous life. It’s none of my business! Why am I so mediocre and useless in my life? This world’s decline, but I want to cry without tears, sprinkle bubble urine almost hang up!  I’m an atheist, except for my goddess, but why are all female ghosts? Big snake, female ghost, water monkey and grudge ghost in red clothes are not legends, because I am weak enough. In reality, I live humbly, with shackles and gears, in another strange world, but I liveVery real!

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