Spirit sword master

Title:Spirit sword master

Author:Blue sky and other misty rain

Description:In this materialistic city of Acheng, the hustle and bustle of the crowd, seemingly calm to the extreme, in fact, undercurrent surging. He is an ordinary young man who works hard for money, but there is an unknown identity behind him – the master of spirit sword! Kill ghosts and demons, subdue monsters and control evils, kill gods and kill immortals, and maintain Yin and YangThe balance between the two worlds depends on how he gets rid of the demons and defends the way. He is surrounded by dangers under the plots carefully planned by others again and again. He escapes from the sky in the adventures of chance and coincidence again and again, and uncovers the frightening truth hidden in the dense fog! Tiangang sword at the waistZhongfu is as hot as light. The spirit sword is full of light and evil, and the talismans are flying to fight with demons and ghosts. Who knows that it’s dark in the middle of the night, and the wind suddenly shows the demon. Who knows that the candle at the third watch has no brightness, and the cold air rolls out the pollution

Author: miven

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