Spies of the Ming Dynasty

Title:Spies of the Ming Dynasty

Author:Zhang Xuanqing

Description:Long snow sprinkles, fire dances, roaring sand, wind and cloud poems, wine and chess, music and sword float all over the world. Sword Qi is like a rainbow, string meaning is like a song, it’s me, not me, living out the real me. Spy step by step, two-sided life, wandering between black and white, history books, floating life records, how to know the fate, Jiangshan cooking wine and tea, sword finger natural and unrestrained, piano meaning Fangfei ya; true love spoonyLove, brotherhood, trust and betrayal, misunderstanding or understanding? What is true or false? What is good and evil? In the turbulent times of the world, the situation of the dynasty is turbulent. In the case of espionage and re espionage, the scheme is in the middle of the scheme. From unknown to powerful, where should we go in the face of the choice of life and death? Around a pair of secret investigation brothers and sisters to start the love and hate, oneThe spy of the Ministry

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