Soul coffin

Title:Soul coffin

Author:Green trees bury flowers

Description:Since a black crow broke into my house, I was surprised to find that I had the terrible constitution of “where to go, where to die”. Was it because I was possessed by some unscientific God of death? wait! Uncle policeman, don’t arrest me! The reason for appearing at the scene of the homicide for N times in a row is really just my bad luck! It seems that onlyI went to seek the help of an expert in the world Brother, you must have provoked some strange people to see that you have become black. I’ll give you a hand. Help your sister! How could this seemingly enigmatic Taoist suddenly be hit by a motorcycle! Don’t worry, stray lamb, let the light of the Lord cover you.Hello, here is a priest who has been knocked unconscious by his shoes. Who can tow him away. Benefactor, you’d better end it by yourself. I’m sorry, I want to live a few more years. Eh? Buddhist abbot

Author: miven

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