Sorrow against the current

Title:Sorrow against the current

Author:Indifferent and lazy

Description:The star world revolves around time endlessly, life is also in the confused movement, unable to escape the shackles of the law. Ordinary life pays for survival all its life, while the life yearning for beauty and moving carries a heavier burden and accompanies loneliness and pain on the cruel road. When a strong tentacle is available, sorrow is earlyThe river has been formed against the current. When life is covered with bruises and comes to the endless sea of flowers with a magnificent vicissitudes, everything is so natural. But he can’t stay long. He has not yet found the ideal country. He climbed over many steep mountains and passed through pieces of lifeless landHe was black and blue again. But he was still smiling. Maybe not for anything else, just for the beauty of the moment in life,

Author: miven

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