Song of the great wind

Title:Song of the great wind

Author:Mango stupidity

Description:On the north slope of Yanzhang’s horse, there are more new graves than old ones. Han Guangwu was buried in the new tomb, and Han Xiaohe was buried in the old one. Han Xin was buried on Qinglong’s back, and Zhuge was buried in front of wuzhangyuan. Life is not empty, even if a death afraid of what? The soul of the Qin Dynasty and the blood of the Han Dynasty have never been extinguished for a thousand years. Havoc falls, ten thousand demons are near, and the horizontal knife will not retreat. The knife breaks mountains and rivers, the moon shines on my heart. When the wind blows, the battle will not retreat. ” Wind, wind, wind. It’s the call of ancestors: the wind blows, the clouds fly, the sea of Vega returns to its hometown, and the brave men guard all directions.

Author: miven

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