Smiley Trilogy: cookers, tailors, soldiers, spies

Title:Smiley Trilogy: cookers, tailors, soldiers, spies

Author:John Le Carrey

Description:An informer from the field stirred up the hard won calm of the British Intelligence Agency “Yuanchang”. It turned out that for more than ten years, there had been a double agent planted by kalaan, the Soviet intelligence chief, in Yuanchang, and he was one of the four senior officials in Yuanchang. Under the chaos, smiley, who had been forced to retire, was ordered out of the mountain. Cookers, tailors, scholarsSoldier, sailor, who is behind the scenes? Smiley, who has a memory as good as a computer, gets into the dusty pile of old papers to find clues, gradually strips away the truth, and finally unties the “last smart knot” set by Carla Great novel, the best one of Le Carre. ——The observerLe Carre is still a master of well structured spy fiction. When you reach 30 pages, you will be too nervous to breathe and regret that you shouldn’t have wasted time reading 00

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