Sleepwalkers: deadly games

Title:Sleepwalkers: deadly games

Author:Ji Zhenyu

Description:If, if there is no “if and if” in the world, what will it become? So, will a lot of things that people regret happen? Yang Xiao, a newspaper reporter, walked into a bathing hotel he had never been to. Unexpectedly, he was involved in a terrorist case, like a domino effectIncredible adventure. The girl whose head has been cut off quietly appears in his office; the subordinate of the beautiful woman suddenly becomes insane; his colleagues break into his office in the middle of the night; the computer password is constantly broken; in the mountains, a strange villa makes him gape … seven boys and girls with different personalities were wrongedIs it really a coincidence that we are all together? Do they have anything to do with Yang Xiaoli’s head in all kinds of terror tests? What is their future? ..

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