Shennong tripod

Title:Shennong tripod


Description:Ten thousand years of love, life and death. Who can see the sad golden cup and jade sword. But no one sighs. The rusty sword is hard to find old friends in the past. The dust sweeps through the space, leaving endless nostalgia. Life and death are doomed to disappear. Once upon a time how day, lonely is the eye day. The bamboo stick that once promised. Xiao fangwannian and othersTo be so hard, Mingxin. Thousands of: / /. Longtengx. The devil brothers fell one by one, and a drop of tears could not stop flowing down, dripping on the Tongtian stele. From then on, he knew that he had paid too much on the way to the holy steps, but he knew that it was impossible to stop and accompany him step by stepHe only goes on strong.

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