Seven seas for hegemony

Title:Seven seas for hegemony

Author:Knights in the lake

Description:Contract: / /. Longtengx. Products, quality assurance… Please comment, collect, flower, VIP… Thank you first, knight. Book friends group number 8843031, I QQ: 79103908 ~ ~ Beihai has entered the middle, pagAAlso decided to put all their energy on the North Sea to find evidence. What is the Enlightenment of the so-called: / / / longtengx? Where are the keys and certificates of Beihai? Richard the lion heart? Joan of arc (at that time Joan of arc was not canonized as a saint, in people’s hearts just a witch)?The real cross? God’s blood? Holy sword? The Holy Grail? Coronation stone? The plains of Salisbury? Rooney? Forrest Gump… All this will be tangled,

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