Secluded tomb

Title:Secluded tomb

Author:Lying cloud prodigal son

Description:Qing Dynasty, the first year of Shunzhi. The Bao brothers were all in a predicament, and their greed for money led to anecdotes of tomb robberies. A golden finger, a lazy immortal tomb, leads to the eternal mystery. All the souls of the emperors of the past dynasties were imprisoned in the Dragon City, a hundred odd and eight pieces of ancient godsThe device. The emperor’s seal, the imperial seal, the cycle of humanity, the cycle of heaven’s way, and the World War II mystery are all described in the tomb. Talk about a legend, talk about all the unknown. I’m a prodigal son. I’d like to lie in the clouds with you, and talk about the endless things in the world Prodigal camp: 477.630.219

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