Scream Totem

Title:Scream Totem

Author:Xu Xiaoqing

Description:”Handsome boy, do you want to understand the meaning of life ~ do you want to really live ~” a cheongsam girl holding angel’s hand, smiling. Angel just a shy smile, want to run: “but I don’t have any money.” “It’s OK. I’ll give you a 50% discount this time.” The whole girl came up and half pushed and half squeezed Angela to her roomA lonely alley… Bang. A dull sound came from the back of her head, and Angie lost consciousness in an instant… “Look, it’s much more efficient than any computer to click Yes.” From then on, angel began to take risks in various worlds and be beaten as a bossIf you think “scream totem” is good, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and friends in microblog!

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