Save the world

Title:Save the world

Author:Ghost moon

Description:When the end comes, LAN Chen says he doesn’t want to pay attention, but God’s golden finger doesn’t agree! Therefore, the radius of life began to expand, from Huaxia dA6 to the earth, from the earth to the Milky way, from the Milky way to the whole universe galaxy, step by step to a broader world. LAN Chen: I just want to find a corner. Be quietBe a housemaid quietly. A Jin: as the most perfect training system, whether it’s waste material or waste material, master, I will make you stand on the top of the world. Man: do you think I can play? If you think “the house girl of the end of the world saves the world” is not bad, please don’t forget to report it to you on QQ group and microblogRecommended by friends!

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