Description:Ordinary version: let’s see how an optimistic, cheerful, open-minded detective can break through thousands of difficulties in the infinite world, overcome all risks with wisdom, smile at the sky, and have an unparalleled samsara. Defeat version: I cross the sky, frighten the matrix, obey the apocalypse, capture Sauron, defeat the overlord, fight the unknown sword, fight the virgin EVA, kill the blood devil in the spring, and dieEr patting, whoosh, I’m looking for a rival in my life, but I can’t get it. I’m really lonely ******Matrix matrix – matrix, Apocalypse – X-Men, Sauron – ring, mieba – Avenger alliance, Tianjian nameless – Fengyun, virgin EVA – Avatar, Youquan blood devil – Shushan biography, Palpatine — Star Wars

Author: miven

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