Saiya’s golden cudgel

Title:Saiya’s golden cudgel

Author:Blood stained empty city

Description:Standard Version: a golden cudgel, no mail, smashed regardless! Deluxe Version: golden cudgel plus turtle Qigong, free mail guarantee will not be killed! Local tyrant version: golden cudgel, turtle style Qigong, peerless martial arts, sweeping all positions, simple, the difficulty should be no problem! Super local tyrant version: three more skills for local tyrants,: / /. Longtengx. Assist a teammate, sweep all major positions, ordinary difficulty! The ultimate local tyrant version: the local tyrant is equipped with pure Saiya blood, gives five skills, has the best team, and can also open the harem mode or the back attack mode, so as to sweep all major positions. There is no pressure on the iron and blood difficulty,Crazy collection of cute girl paper or just too strong man can! Now is the double 11 special period, only half price oh, pro! “You just say I’m a bachelor, isn’t it? Yay,

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