Saint’s Diary

Title:Saint’s Diary

Author:Falling water

Description:The so-called law of passage one: through the female master must obtain extraordinary life experience or status. The so-called law of crossing 2: there must be many handsome men around the woman. These two laws seem to have been realized in Mo Youran, but “I don’t want to be a saint who can’t marry for 50 years´╝ü This is leftover girl! Leftover girl Don’t look up to the sky and shout. Yes, Miss Mo Youran (Dora) has become a saint in a different world. The characteristics of this occupation are as follows: Occupation: Saint. Professional status: above ten thousand people. Professional advantage: more than half of the guard knights are handsome. Professional requirements: 50 yearsDuring the year, we must keep the body, not love and marriage. Professional characteristics: compulsory requirements, no protest.

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