Sailing warship

Title:Sailing warship

Author:The grudge of the fat man

Description:Nima’s, Lao Tzu unexpectedly crossed to the end of 1646, the Qing army was about to attack the city. Since the thief God doesn’t give you a way to live, since the tartar doesn’t give you a way to live, I will kill you. Set sail and set sail! Tell them the truth with the cannon! I tell you, Donghai is my front yardNanhai is my back garden and the Pacific is my swimming pool. what? Hongfan wants to grab territory and beat him to death. Yinggou wants to take the opportunity to rise and beat you to death with bricks! (readers who like this book are welcome to join the group, group number 318955696, advertising and so on. Please don’t join, if you are the one!)

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