Ruthless killer gentle girl

Title:Ruthless killer gentle girl

Author:So bookworm

Description:Fantasy: the Lord of the demon world: the Lord is not everywhere, behind the scenes manipulation, merciless killing, raping girls, who is the Lord? The hell of the ghost world: the hell is not everywhere, the ghosts are constantly, weird and terrifying! Who is the king of hell? The fox in the demon world, the fox is not everywhere, the devil is in trouble, gouge out the heart to eat people, the fox isWho? The holy monarch of human world, who is the holy monarch in the world? Crossing: the Lord of the demon world, the hell of the ghost world, the fox of the demon world, and the holy king of the human world, crossing this life and returning to the gratitude and hatred of the millennium. Ghosts and spirits: meeting Mei Shao in a barFemale, according to the location of the search, but it is a tomb, a freshman girl was raped, but the cause of death is unknown, rainstorm night, cry grievances — detective reasoning: Cemetery side flower girl was killed

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