Room guest

Title:Room guest


Description:There are two things in the world that can deeply shock people’s hearts, one is the lofty moral standards in our hearts, the other is the brilliant starry sky above our heads – Kant, when Xule takes back his eyes from this line, for the first time he really sees the complexity behind the dustSesame stars, and not shocked, on the contrary, he was angry: the stars outside the sky so dazzling, who can stand it? Every day by these lights, I’m afraid that it will turn into those wild cats on the mine road who are turned into dementia by the headlights! So Xu Le gave up the dream of becoming a noble female warship commander assistant officer and began to work in the NavyUnder the action of gravity, he degenerates, degenerates, degenerates into a poor boy who looks after the porter, a poor man who sells his body, a male nanny who is engaged in tedious work In the magnificent

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