Reversion of fantasy

Title:Reversion of fantasy

Author:Mint leaf age

Description:After Chen Chengtang, a novice lawyer, pleaded his friend Liu Yu’s innocence, Han Qianxun, the director of his firm, was killed by a heavy blow, and Han Zhenzhen, the sister of Qian Xun’s director, was accused of being the murderer. Chen Chengtang became Han Zhenzhen’s defense lawyer, but he didn’tIt has been discovered that he has been in the secret core of a spiritual family for 15 years. At the same time, he has been stigmatized as a murderer. The prosecution turned out to be his friend Yujian who aspired to become a lawyer. In an incredible way, Chen Chengtang reversed the verdict and took over the firm. Now I know It’s just the beginning of the event, thirteenPiece by piece, turn back again and again, with us, turn back the verdict

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