Revenge symphony of three princesses in love

Title:Revenge symphony of three princesses in love

Author:Cherry blue sky

Description:She, like Shura from hell, is ruthless; she, like a demon from blood clan, is charming; she, like a fairy from fantasy, is lively and lovely. They are stubborn and stubborn children, walking barefoot on the thorns, still longing for the vision of heaven. They are gentle to them, they are moved by each other. So, singlePure time, they once again sprouted a pure heart, from their eyes can no longer see others, only their eyes flashing in the dark slightly hurt. Even if they are just three depressed dolls, what they expect is their sincerity The memory reverses, escapes the fetter, they are in the memory each timeIn a corner, looking for that unforgettable figure

Author: miven

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