Return of the king of Ares Alliance

Title:Return of the king of Ares Alliance


Description:From the moment we defeated the God of darkness, our destiny was cut off. Darkness fell down again, light rose again, and brothers were completely cut off… The meeting from the beginning was a special mistake… However, fate still had to be left to fate… Just because we were the alliance of God of war to defend the universeWhere there is crisis, there is alliance of warlords, where there is evil, there will be the dawn of light. Because of this hero group, the Elves will have the hope of life… The advent of the God of light, the baptism of light… Because of a conspiracy to abandon the light and go to the dark to be friendsFriend is the enemy, the call of light, the murmur of darkness, the difference between light and darkness, how will he choose? Do not have too much hesitation and panic, all this as long as

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