Reshape the great sage

Title:Reshape the great sage

Author:Blue sky swordsman

Description:Ye Wukong is a fresh graduate of a modern medical university. Because of his average grades in school, he didn’t find a good job after graduation. Instead, he became a doctor in a town level hospital. One morning when I was walking on the road to work, I found that two young men with knives were threatening to force a beautiful woman to carry out a robbery. They were richYe Wukong with a sense of justice immediately went up to stop him. Two young men with swords stabbed him fiercely and fell to the ground several times. The two young men with swords were afraid to run away. The beauty called for help as soon as she saw that ye Wukong was stabbed to the ground. After ye Wukong was rescued from the hospital, he felt that he could not control himself, as if he was under controlQi Tian Da Sheng appeared in his mind. From then on, we began to reshape the road of Qi Tian Da Sheng.   ……

Author: miven

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