Reincarnation of the Seventh Gate

Title:Reincarnation of the Seventh Gate

Author:Yu xianlang

Description:Seven generations, seven processes, each life is destined to be your law in the world. This life, reincarnation. It’s me, it’s you, it’s him? Who am I? Who is it? Why, how, how? What are the causes and effects of the six causes and effects? If you can’t think through and understand, it’s better to live magnanimously and live in painSuffering or relief? No one knows. We only know that Liuqu is the way of reincarnation, but we don’t know that it is both reincarnation and going. He could not escape from the six ways, but was born in them. In the visible, he lived in pain while in the invisible, good and evil were empty. Because of the fruit, happiness and disaster can not be avoided. In this life, it is he, and he, who is a kind of obsessionIt’s no longer important to plant a previous life, or to remember, or to live and forget. What’s more important is that what can’t be avoided is destined to be trapped in it.

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