Reincarnation of prisoners

Title:Reincarnation of prisoners

Author:Flying fire Tianshan

Description:The ancient artifact “Xuanyuan Baoding” turned out to be a soul Turner. The truth of reincarnation is not what religion preaches, but the human soul is actually imprisoned. It’s a story you can’t imagine. In the process of searching for the truth, you will not only discover a new universe. Will follow the protagonist through time and spaceAnd experience a star war, and eventually will be in the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang to find you never thought of baby. In this process, you will also experience the friendship and love between several protagonists. And the end of the story completely subverts your mind! Of course, to go through all this, you have to find the key to the teleporter. And that requires you to have a detective mind. This is a legendary work. Come on, start your magical journey with these heroes

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