Reincarnation of baozi

Title:Reincarnation of baozi

Author:Smelling Dancong

Description:The gifted Yuanying girl Xiu heard that Lu Ming had failed to survive the robbery. Fortunately, she survived and was reborn on a fat girl of the same name. Unfortunately, she was drugged when she was reborn. What’s more unfortunate is that the end has come When a thousand year old maiden heard that there was a small bean in her stomach, she almost laughedSplit: a child who had not been looked forward to in the previous life, has been born in this life! At the end of the day, practicing martial arts, beating zombies and taking care of children are also very happy. It’s just “Zombies are attacking the city!” Hearing the sound of deer, he threw it into his father’s arms: “take care of the child!” He picked up a samurai sword: “I beat zombies!” ChildHis father was dumbfounded with the bun in his arms Xiaobaozi has a small finger and an innocent face

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