Regeneration of scrap: the ability against heaven is too arrogant

Title:Regeneration of scrap: the ability against heaven is too arrogant

Author:Magic ice blood Phoenix

Description:Huang ziyue code name – K queen of China, a genius of ancient martial arts, has both medicine and poison. She monopolizes the business world with ruthless means, and the ace killer takes both black and white, until a piece of Purple Jade takes her to another place… Huang ziyue, the first lady in the military Mansion, is an all-round waste in the mainland where martial arts are respected. She is framed by slag sisterDie, wait for her to become her, slag younger sister frame up? Fiance abandon? Oh, one by explosion chrysanthemum, one by explosion Yin. I’ll give you two a wedding. Isn’t it sweet? Go on! You can’t be sick. Want to compare talent with me? She just wants to say: sister paper, get rough. When she was in full bloom, she was lostWhose eyes confuse whose heart? The Lord of Hades rushed to embrace her. Who dares to covet the king’s woman?

Author: miven

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