Red war

Title:Red war

Author:The stagnant water turns to the East

Description:Do you think the cover is yellow and wonderful?   NO! NO! NO! The content of this book is more wonderful! Note: 1. Read this book will have a 200% chance to drop integrity, please bind with toilet paper in advance! 2. There is no limit to the content of this book. Please take out of print Sanlu milk powder in advance and close your eyesWatch, or wear VIP tickets to read with asshole. 3. The author’s IQ doesn’t mean pig’s foot IQ. Please don’t give up reading for the sake of pig’s foot IQ. 4. If the reader is stupid B, please don’t leave a comment, so as not to be devastated by terrorists. 5. If the reader is beautiful and handsome, please leave a commentOn the other hand, shuishen will tell you the winning number of this lottery to help you have good luck all your life. 6. Based on the current tense form of network literature, this paper puts forward some suggestions

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