Red police in Somalia

Title:Red police in Somalia

Author:Gorgeous hypocrisy

Description:Inexplicably, Li Lan, who came to Somalia, has a red alert base car, which is known as the creator of all miracles. So far, a storm sweeping the earth quietly formed in Somalia. Li Lan: “my existence, in addition to constantly creating miracles, is to challenge the world order!” Obama: “we have to add moreThe military presence of strong forces in the Indian Ocean, especially in the Gulf of Aden, is absolutely insufficient for an aircraft carrier battle group. ” Sarkozy: “in order to ensure peace and stability in the region, we must send troops to Somalia, overthrow the regime with terrorist tendencies and establish a regime compatible with the West.” Putin: “there is another object to pull together. This isIt helps Russia’s sense of presence in the Gulf of Aden. ” Abe: “who can tell me what happened to those big octopuses, why they wander around Japan every day, and why they do it for us

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