Red Alert’s journey to the West

Title:Red Alert’s journey to the West

Author:The best in laziness

Description:If you have aesthetic problems, don’t forget to go through and come to a world where China has ruled the universe. It’s really incredible. But he seems to be a Tang monk. He wants to do something in the unknown universe, just “Fight, fight, fight! It’s exciting Monkey King, are you sure you’re not cardKarot’s mother version? “Devil, our next plan is…” Are you really a pig? House girl Banzhu Bajie? Or should I call you Lingmeng? “……” Monk Sha! Can you talk less? Is it interesting to scare people all the time? Don’t think I don’t know your prototype is Masako Yamamura! “Master.”Xiaobailong, are you just an intelligent program? You’re bluffing me! Your intelligence is too high! Is it interesting to pack three nothings every day? Finally Why is our planet’s ace

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