Red Alert: the overlord in troubled times

Title:Red Alert: the overlord in troubled times

Author:Evil blood

Description:The continent of sterman is a world with a round sky. There is no universe, no stars. There are only continents that can’t reach the boundary. It is known that the continent covers an area of one billion sterman (square kilometers), and there are all kinds of races and creatures. However, we don’t know that the continent of sterman is surrounded by endless oceans, and there is no otherThe mainland, everything, is in the continent of sterman. It has its own boundary. There is no other continent, even an island other than the continent of sterman. The continent of sterman, which has been in constant war all the year round, is welcoming its first king. As the intervener of the first king, he does not know his experienceIt’s just a test for the first king Hello, everyone. As a red police fan, he has nearly ten years of age and has contributed his youth to the red police,

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