reconcile oneself to one’s situation

Title:reconcile oneself to one’s situation


Description:The number one scholar in Wenguan world was born in troubled times, changed his master several times, and made great achievements. The beauty who has been through thousands of years was born in modern times, and came to troubled times. Let’s see how the number one scholar can use future knowledge to turn the world around. Let’s also see how Lidan can use modern ideas to assist the number one scholar. This book has been signed, so please rest assuredread! This book QQ group number: 5785723 reader group number: 58864827 welcome to join the discussion support! Recommend a good book: Luo Han Da’s good book “devil’s blood: / / / longtengx. Heart” tells about a lecherous man, lucky to get the devil’s power, like YY’sFriends, go to see it quickly! There is also an officialdom book: “disciples of power desire” written by the unintentional hermit da da. Friends who like to mingle with officialdom, go to learn experience quickly. I wish you a high promotion!

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