Reborn I am a fox

Title:Reborn I am a fox

Author:Love, love

Description:She died and lived again, but why did she become a fox? She just carelessly occupied a fox spirit’s body, the demon wants to fight with her, the ghost also wants to fight with her, why even people want to trouble her? It’s not easy to learn to be a fox spirit. Why does a soul come out of the body? What, you said you were the bodyHas the final say, or has the final say? Let’s see a fox spirit with human soul how to get rid of demons and defend the way in the city! ————————————————————----------------—When Ai Ai writes a novel for the first time, her writing style may be a little immature, and she has not yet cultivated a style suitable for her writing style; the setting of story, suspense and foreshadowing may not be well arranged

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