Rebirth of doomsday

Title:Rebirth of doomsday

Author:Dream of empty city

Description:Rebirth to the end of the day before, panic after gladly accept. In this life, I want to seize space, practice my powers, take my mother to travel, eat and drink, and avoid the reshuffle and turmoil in the future. what? Grandma’s sick? How can that be? Then we should calculate the hatred of the previous life, and pretend to be the weakXiaobai, the one who bullied me in my previous life, this wave of zombies is coming. It’s your turn to go out and die. Happy all the way with the family to the base, picking the row of “pests.”. Oh, it’s OK to turn my son-in-law to make it up. Too little? That’s with a grandson, at mostAdd a granddaughter! Want more? Mom, give me a break. It’s the end of the world! You can’t have less than one of them to practice powers, form teams, and solve enemies by the way; brush reputation, rob enemies

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