Raise a female ghost to be a wife

Title:Raise a female ghost to be a wife

Author:Yixiao cat

Description:As the last only child of Laohu family, I’m not only the last revivalist in the world, but also a four pillar pure Yin man born in the overcast years. In order to continue the descendants of Laohu family, I’ve ordered a baby kiss for me since I was a child. However, it wasn’t long before I met with the four pillar pure Yang sister that I had to bump into the Yin gateIt can only be resolved by marrying a Yin relative. Take the ghost wife to watch fengshui, take the ghost wife to revive, take the ghost wife to the exam In order to continue my life, I have to solve the fate of Lao Hu’s death at the age of 25

Author: miven

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