Quick wear of cannon fodder

Title:Quick wear of cannon fodder

Author:Blue in the South

Description:South Huan died, with the “Heaven beloved” who are full of unwilling and the unfair fate of resentment, died in the dark corner lane, died in the sky full of bright fireworks, died in a piece of laughter, died in the new year’s first snow. In order to get the chance of rebirth, for revenge, Nan Huan and heipaoShe made a deal. She crossed 3000 planes for the black robed man, and captured the Qi of the air transporter. She could only be reborn after completing the mission and gaining enough HP. The original owner of each plane is beautiful, and her death is beyond recognition and humiliation. Therefore, every plane’s face is bound to let her own face be NanhuanFrom the cannon fodder that is good for nothing but beauty to the ultimate villain, he conquers the world with his own beauty while doing things.

Author: miven

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