Qiyuan time and space

Title:Qiyuan time and space

Author:Long sky

Description:Qiyuan time and space, also called Qiyuan Ji, is the work of Chang Kongyuan. We look up at the starry sky, why there is always a sense of frustration in our hearts? Is that a kind of nostalgia? We look up at the starry sky, looking up at the past? Now? Or the future? Or in the universe in which we live, all threeAt the same time, there is no so-called past, no so-called present, no so-called future? Or is nothingness with reality?   …… We were born lonely, ignorant, we keep looking for the same kind in the deep of the starry sky with a beautiful vision, unaware that the crisis has happened. The universe is notNot always beautiful, but more cruel. The friendship we long for with good wishes will be a disaster in the end.

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