Qi Tian Da Sheng Lai Ye

Title:Qi Tian Da Sheng Lai Ye

Author:I am the great sage

Description:This is a big conspiracy. The great sage was transferred on the way to get scriptures, his body was taken away, and his soul was exiled. He reincarnated in three thousand worlds and hundreds of millions of small worlds. It was not until the end of the law that the memory of the previous life slowly awakened. Crape myrtle star world, one of the hundreds of millions of small worlds, has five continents and four oceans. It’s the EastHuangxiao continent, heixiao continent in the south, Qingxiao continent in the west, Bixiao continent in the north and Zixiao continent in the center, and four star oceans in the southeast and northwest. Dasheng was born in Huangxiao continent, named Qitian. His life is destined to be wonderful. It all started when he was 14 years old

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