Pseudo synthetic manoya

Title:Pseudo synthetic manoya

Author:The pit of whimsy

Description:First of all, Moya is a new pen. This is Moya’s first book. Secondly, many of the later books are written according to the background of this book, that is to say, it is based on this book as the main body. Then, some of the characters in the book are passers-by, and they are basically the kind of transfiguration, and they are the protagonists of the following books.In a word, this is a big pit array with many pits. Finally, I hope readers can support a certain elegant, give more comments, point out the shortcomings of a certain elegant, of course, if you are to spray, please click the fork in the upper right corner. Finally, this is a single CP book. Although the palace has been opened, but in the endOr single CP (a group of people in the palace, do you think they will be lonely) even after thousands of years, you and I will finally meet; through thousands of worlds,

Author: miven

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