Prehistoric drama

Title:Prehistoric drama

Author:The continent of China

Description:In 3000 A.D., a highly unified world. That year, the Empire of the Chinese Federation, the superpower standing on the top of the world, turned the island country in the Far East, the Korean Empire, into its territory. The destruction of his country and his family made Iwai Cang, the last prime minister of the Korean and Japanese Empire, very sad and indignant. He finally expressed his feelings by caesarean sectionSadou ziyanjing swore to avenge his father, but he unknowingly entered the path of terrorism. Within the Empire of the Chinese Federation on the East Asian continent, the time machine that people dreamed of, together with the prince who disappeared mysteriously, came to the surface. Time machine, what is the opportunity? How did two strangers startfight? And what will be the outcome?

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