Powerful citizens

Title:Powerful citizens

Author:Pig farming

Description:Zhang patriotic went through the end of the 19th century, he was originally a science and technology enthusiast with no ambition, just thinking about living a closed family lock and Madame Curie. He didn’t want to be an emperor or a great man, but he just wanted to live his own little days under the protection of a powerful country. But he found out about this eraChina can not let him live such a “good life”, he found that countless foreigners are looking at him with colored eyes. Under the powerful humiliation, he finally could not bear it. He developed industry, formed an army and went to fight with others. Against the Dutch, against the Spanish, against the Japanese, against the Russians, against the French,Finally, fight with the whole alliance. “The world is clean at last, and I can realize my idea of becoming a powerful citizen.” Zhang Aiguo thought. At this time, there are attendants

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