Power Hunter King

Title:Power Hunter King

Author:Predestined relationship

Description:After a few centuries, somehow, there are more Warcraft on the earth. They are the banes of the world. However, human beings are unwilling to be oppressed in this way, so they want to defeat them, and power hunters are born. Power hunter, as the name suggests, is a person who has special ability to hunt Warcraft, but human beings are not born with powerIntelligent human beings invented some pills. Women swallow pills during pregnancy, and babies are born with random powers. While some minor children who have no powers swallow pills, they will suffer for a short time, and then they will also have powers. However, these powers obtained by taking pills are not so goodControl: only by killing Warcraft to gain energy and being promoted to a powerful power hunter can you completely control the power without being backfired. But there are some people who have genetic mutations, people

Author: miven

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