Please call me Savior

Title:Please call me Savior

Author:Wild and evil

Description:A good heart: / / / longtengx. Donne saved BiliBili’s gun sister, but got himself into a big trouble. He was kidnapped into a strange world by a secret individual named Youxi: / / / longtengx. And he was forced to perform strange tasks. All this, but also onlyIt’s a start. After that, Donne gradually found that all the people and things around him were always hidden in the fog and could not see the truth clearly. All this puzzles Donne. Is he the unlucky one involved in the whirlpool or the core of all the storms? No one told Donne the answer. (3) time and spaceShuttle, Sao is over, accelerating the world in progress!) This book has been signed

Author: miven

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