Planet farm

Title:Planet farm

Author:Ink y

Description:In the era of the great development of the universe, human beings have discovered many primitive life planets, which need to be explored urgently. Xiao Lin inherited one of his grandfather’s original planets, and the star farm, which had been abandoned, had undergone tremendous changes because of his accidently acquired ability of domestication and transformation. Groups of Unicorns are resting on the planet grassland, searching for treasureSearch for countless precious resources, Griffin, Tianma, storm Eagle patrol the sky, unicorn, flying dragon and Phoenix become his pet Electric rats, fire breathing hounds, giant Island turtles, ancient trees of the world, all kinds of strange creatures Dragon liver, chicken gall, unicorn marrow, enjoy the exotic and rare food of the universe. There are countless mysteries on this planetMi is waiting for him to explore. Our goal is to become the largest farm in the universe! PS: it’s not science fiction, it’s not black technology

Author: miven

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