Planet escape

Title:Planet escape

Author:Love to fight landlords

Description:At the end of the world, the earth deviated from its orbit and gradually flew out of the solar system. The impact of meteorite rain on the earth caused the evolution of species on the earth, and human beings ushered in the era of black technology evolution. In the ice age, continental shelf plate drift, Yellowstone volcano eruption and other disasters, human beings were forced to build spacecraft to escape from the earthIt’s not an accident to discover what happened on earth in the course of Star Trek. Xiang Qian, the black technology controller who followed the survivor spacecraft to leave the home planet Earth after the catastrophe, was reborn before the disaster after the explosion of the human carrier. “In this life, I must take the earth to cross the sea of stars, looking for the unknown answer”The case.” Xiang Qian.

Author: miven

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