Plane detachment plan

Title:Plane detachment plan

Author:Menglong in secondary two

Description:Hum! With the help of this system, whether you cultivate immortals or demons, I can let you get rid of the limitation of the root cause. “I’ll go, you can make me detached, but this cultivation really takes human life!” Gu Yefeng in the zombie chase big coax way. “You are too weak to blame the system?” Detached immediatelyI’m not happy. “Hello, Hello! Generally, cultivation starts from the lowest level. You give me the doomsday level as soon as you come. It’s a question whether I will live in this face, let alone be detached… Yeah.. This is not my problem, probably… Yes, it’s about your character. ““I have no problem with my character, OK! ” “Hello?”   “。。。” “Hello?”   “。。。

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